Museum of Erosion

Part of a speculative museum identity created for the Graphic Design 4 class taught by Minsun Eo at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Museums act as safeholds for items, ideas and histories that have been identified, catalogued and suspended in a static state. The inherent benefit of a museum is that it holds on to its content as-is, available for reference and engagement while unbeholden to change. A primary concern of many museums is how to prolong the lifespan of the content in their collections. Digitization and archiving methods have stagnated, and even eliminated the time that an object is bound to exist.

At the Museum of Erosion, the notion of ephemerality is glorified. Here, our [im]permanent collection focuses on the inevitable demise, decay and disappearance of all things. Exhibitions, installations and talks highlight processes of change and the gradual dissolution of our world. Cloud-based archiving, digital storage and the rise of online-identities have created a false sense of permanence in our lives. In a time of rapid development and accelerated lifestyles, the Museum of Erosion seeks to celebrate and ponder impermanence.